Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Puppets and Dolls

Photographer: Phillip Ritchie

Makeup Artist: Elise Ann


My thoughts:
This was a really interesting concept for me - as it goes a little deeper than intended.
Remember when you were little and you had play time? You probably had a Barbie or G.I. Joe doll with trains and dinosaurs and you played make believe or "pretend play." You were the puppet master and for that day, G.I. Joe was going on a secret mission to rescue Barbie from being eaten by the dinosaurs. What they say and do is all up to you. And you have fun during play time - until your doll's head falls out and becomes useless to you.

I feel that all of us are somewhat dolls and puppets that are made to be molded - otherwise we are useless.

  1. We're expected to do many things. Things for our friends, our families, and ourselves. Some things are easy and enjoyable to do; but sometimes it's something we didn't want to do in the first place - but we do it to please others. So what happens when you can't or refuse to do it?  Well, some of them will still love you and others will say you are useless, and cut you out of their lives. Those are the people who aren't truly there for you, and just want to take advantage of you as much as they can - but at some point, you were their doll.
  2. Just society in general can expect a lot from us. We are judged at job interviews if we don't seem to "fit in" with everyone that is already working there. We are judged by our religions if we are gay, straight, bi, or transgender. Of course there is that whole weight issue. Yes, it is good to be at healthy state (not too skinny, not too fat) - but apparently "average" isn't skinny enough anymore - so they put out ads on ways to loose wait, trying to get us to spend our time and money on it. We are puppets to the churches, the commercial industries, and corporates (and many more. You get where I'm going with this).
  3. As humans, we get goals for ourselves and sometimes we refuse to give up those goals or refuse to accept that it's not possible to reach. Yes, it is good to be optimistic and try our best to better ourselves and to try again and again - but after a certain point, it becomes denial. We are our own puppet masters and pretend play has to end at some point so we can rest up and create a new set before the old one gets old and slowly break us down.
well, I'm rambling, but you can see where I'm going with is.

The original idea:
So Phillip had always loved this video. And the idea was about how models are expected to look. So, the question is: Are models just hallow shells that we put make-up and clothes on to just look pretty? When they fall, do we just toss them away like they're just dolls that are broken and unusable?

You can see more of Phillip's thoughts here.

The shoot:
I had so much fun with Phillip and Elisse (Makeup Artist). Well first off - Elisse is awesome. She's aboslutely funny, sweet and gorgeous as well as talented. So we talked about the concept and what we were trying to achieve then it was off to makeup. Then we had to plan out where the cracks on my face were, we I laid on the floor while Elisse worked her magic and Phillip played with the lights. Finally, I laid in one position and pose while Elisse and Phillip taped a bunch of trash and glass on me. Phillip would take some shoots, look at it on the computer, and then would adjust me and the cycle continues. With so much stuff around me to set up, I had to lay there for an hour (because if I move, they would have to re-stick and re-place some pieces). It sounds easy, but your body really starts to cramp after a few minutes - especially in the uncomfortable pose I had. But I knew it would all pay off, and it sure did :)

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