Friday, January 21, 2011

Orlando Perez

So I just got home a little while ago from Orlando Perez's discussion group. I absolutely love going to it because it's not your typical meet and greet where everyone breaks off into cliques. We talk about real issues and topics in the industry and people express their opinions and we talk as a group - not secluding any one.

Anyways, so I realized I never wrote about my shoot with Orlando from 2010.

So, funny back story to this is: when I first joined Model Mayhem, I was terrible at networking. So one day, I see Orlando in the Chat Room and he said something about the Lakers. So I jump in and said "Lakers! Woot woot!" and then we somehow became friends on Model Mayhem and was messaging each other back and forth. Then we somehow became "MM Lovers." Then for some reason, we kind of stopped talking for awhile - I think I forgot to respond to a message and thought I did or something stupid like that. So,  3 or 4 months later, at a Christmas meet and greet, I got to meet Orlando in person. Well, let's just say he was a diva and showed up a lil late, and by that time, I was already 3 shots of Grey Goose under. Somehow, Ed Burns married us hahah. So he became my MM Hubby.  Well... I never drank alcohol again after that time!

So, we ended up shooting together about a month later. We shoot a Phillip's studio (which is the second time I got to meet Phillip, since I was too drunk the first time).

We originally was going to do a different concept and I was told to bring nice underwear. Well, the concept we planned didn't work out, so Orlando sat me down at the computer and showed me some of the images he was inspired by. Of course, they were great ideas. So Phillip became my wardrobe stylist since I didn't bring any clothes with me.

So here are 4 of the images we created.

and Orlando sent them to me almost 3 hours after the shoot. He was quick!

I also have to mention, that Phillip was totally not interested in shooting me at all when he first met me. First off, I was drunk (lesson learned). Secondly, I don't do the type of creative nudes he usually shots. and thirdly, I am not tall enough to be a Fashion model. BUT, after helping with Orlando, something sparked and now I've worked with Phillip a total of 3 times with  5 concepts. So, I must thank my husband for the unintentional connection :)

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