Concept Model

Hello I'm Kelly V.
I'm a 4'9" concept model.

When I first started modeling in 2009,  I didn't know how to define myself. I did a little bit of a lot of things: bikini, themes, fashion, beauty, glamour...
So one day, talking to Phillip Ritchie, he said "you're a great concept model." And that's when I realized: He's right!
Phillip might have a different way of thinking about what a concept model is.
 In my head,  I think it means I am a chameleon. I adapt to whatever genre is required to strongly execute the artistic concept. So it's more of the photographer saying "This is the idea I have, this is the message I'm trying to send out, this is what I need you to wear, and this is how I want you to act/express."

In fashion - it's about the clothes and the model. In glamour, it's about the model and the sexual appeal. With concepts, the artwork is more focused on the idea and message - and everyone (model, mua, photographer, etc) needs to come together as a team to figure out how to deliver this message. And the model doesn't have to worry about if she "looks pretty" because the image isn't primarily about her. She's secondary and the idea is primary.

So no, I'm not a not tall enough to be a fashion model. My body is not built like a glamour model. But by god, run a concept by me, and I will make it happen.