Wednesday, August 18, 2010

OMG! I'm Asian! WTF?!

Just got home a little while ago from shooting with Phillip Ritchie. As always, it was packed with fun and interesting concepts. What more can you expect from the man?

Phillip wanted to shoot me on the couch. Phillip wanted to make me look Asian. That's what we did.

Originally, it was suppose to be more of a Beauty concept, focusing on my racial background, but then we both ran through some troubles of really rude, and offensive makeup artists (we each got someone different).

As a result, we proved that we didn't need them.
Yes, it's nice to have a professional makeup artist, but it's not always necessary when working with Phillip.

I did my own makeup with some contouring help from Phillip and this is what we created.

I have never done a shoot where I was dressed in Asian clothes and I'm really happy that this was my first.

They are both very sexy, classy and elegant which is what I love.
At the same time, it's also kind of cute. Although Phillip keeps saying he does not do "cute," I
think he had been corrupted by a fluffy white bunny.

I never really show my parents my modeling photos. Sometimes it's just too sexy for them to look at (which they will nag nag nag at me about for days) and sometimes they just nodd and not say anything.
Well, I showed my mother these photos and she LOVED them. I guess she just appreciates the Asian influence on it. Of course, she has to always say something negative like "That's not a Vietnamese dress. That's a Chinese dress. You're not Chinese." But hey, if that's the ONLY bad thing she has to say about it, we're good to go.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ninja Soccer

Sunday, August 8th, was my second shoot with Phillip Ritchie. It was also the second time I had Brittney Long to be the makeup artist. We also had male model, Matteo, in the shoot. My boyfriend, Daniel, was also there to help out.

Boy, was it a fun and energetic shoot. Actually, "fun" is an understatement.

I know most people don't like having too many people on set. However, I like it. So many people can come up with different solutions
on how to do something. I'm not talking about telling each other what to do such as telling a model how to pose or act or how to set up lighting. I'm talking about real problems, such as when I wasn't getting far enough off the ground or when I was having a hard time holding my
balance, and we all put our heads together to try to solve it and then we all took on different "jobs" to assist each other throughout the shoot.

So the day started at 10 AM and the first thing Phillip says to us, is how cool Daniel's corvette is. *sigh*... men... and then I got a hug AFTER that. hahah. So then we went inside and Phillip talked to us about the concept and how he wanted me to look. Then Brittney and I went off to go do makeup.

I love working with Brittney. Michael Magers had recommended her to be two months ago, and I just loved how she made me look, so of course I had to hire her to work with me again on this shoot.

Then we shot a little, and I had to BEG Phillip to cut my dress, so then he finally did and made me a cool like headband out of it. Tee hee. Then we finished up shooting.

It was so fun! Daniel was on the ladder, working on the pole with the ball. Matteo was diving around and Phillip had to keep telling him to close his legs and be more lady-like. As usual, no one knew what Phillip was trying to tell us to do. I broke a box with my super-high heels at one point and we had to replace the piece of wood.

No one really knew how Phillip saw the photos in his head. Somehow, even in all that clutter, Phillip was able to get things together and got the images he wanted. After looking at them, we finally knew what the guy was talking about.

Phillip said I looked like a Ninja, since all Ninjas play soccer in high heels.
The heels are to die for! and here I am playing soccer in them... oh... the things i do for phillip..

Here's a photo of Matteo, dashing across Phillip's gigantic studio, trying to hit the ball, but Daniel was on the ladder, pulling it away from Matteo every time.

Matteo pissed me off, so I gave him the evil eye.

Who's gonna get to the ball first? You bet your ass it was me!

To read what Phillip Ritchie has to say, please visit his blog.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Space Invaders

So here another look I did for Kevin Connery's box series.

This look wasn't really planned, but when I arrived, Kevin had this awesome knee-high boots and I just cannot turn down high boots. These were a size 7, so they're actually more of a thigh-high on me. Hahah.

So Kevin dug up some silver outfits and we decided to go with this one.

I had these pair of Cyclop-style sunglasses, and I just brought them with me to the shoot. I'm glad I did.

This was the last look we did, and I was pretty tired of my black hair. So, I asked Kevin for a wig - and after trying them on, I decided to go with this one.

So, this is the Space Alien in the box.

Sunday, August 1, 2010


So yesterday, (July 31st), I did a photoshoot with Kevin Connery and Al Ray at Al's place in Diamond Bar. Oh my goodness, the houses in that area are just so beautiful.

So the idea behind this was: Kevin had built a box and was doing a series of it. So, we decided to put me in the box too. It was a bit harder for me to occupy the entire space inside the box, being that I'm so petite - but I think I made it work!

I had brought a whole lot of outfits and we did a lot of looks and had a lot of fun. The shoot ran a little later than expected because the model before me took two hours longer than expected. It was fun though, but boy, I was starving by the time I got outta there!

I did a tutu look, two silver looks, a pink look, and a "girl scout" look. The whole idea for me was to have some fun, bright colors since my bubbly-ness allows me to go a bit kooky.

So without giving away TOO much, here's a sneek preview of one of the outfits:
This was taken by Al Ray.
Makeup by Sarah Bachman
And yes, I'm actually smiling. Hahah.