Friday, October 1, 2010

So Much Work!

I really haven't been doing many photoshoots this year as I had last year.
This year's photographers basically consisted of Orlando Perez, Michael Magers, Phillip Ritchie and Gilbert Castillo, and Zion Studios (and some from meet and greets). Being as it is October already, that's not that much.

I feel like I'm slacking off on the networking... but at the same time I'm so over-whelmed with my work load.

This next 6 weeks is going to be amazingly difficult for me.
I will be going through portfolio review to get into the BFA Graphic Design program at CSULB.

Here's what it is:
After taking all my Pre-Graphic Design classes, I have to submit a 10 to 12 project portfolio. This will then determine if I get into a special Bachelors of Fine Arts program for Graphic Design.

All the pieces have to be fully expanded. Such as if I'm designing a logo for a hotel, I would also should design their toiletry set, gift bag, gift box, and possibly their restaurant menu - all of this counts as one project. So imagine doing 10 of theses!

Also, about 20 to 24 students are accepted into the program each semester while there are 50-60 students who apply. So it is extremely competitive!

I have 4 projects ready and I need at least 6 more to do within the next 6 weeeks! AHHHHHH!!!! And this is on top of all of my homework assignments. It also does not help when I get stuck and cannot find a solution to a problem.

But yeah, this is basically to update you guys on what's going on and why you might not here from me every once in awhile. :)