Thursday, July 22, 2010

Si Scott, Farsai, Sweet

Okay, time for a real post, as I am suffering from insomnia right now.

So, as some of you may know, I'm a Graphic Design student. I never really made a connection with modeling and Graphic Design, as they are two separate forms of Art. I know, some of you are saying Graphic Design involves Photoshop and it can be related. Well, photo manipulation is not what I do. I am more involved with Logos, Packaging, and layout design (posters, business cards, spreads, etc.).

Well, a few days ago, one of my absolute favorite designers came out with new work. Well, I guess you can say he's an Illustrator more often than he is a Graphic Designer. Anyways, his name is Si Scott. And this Airborne bee is his latest work. I absolutely LOVE how he creates images using free-form lines and curves. The process and layers and layers of work he does is amazing. And he does it with pen and ink!

Well, Si Scott's work reminds me of a shoot I did exactly one year ago. The shoot was with the talented Jeff Farsai. Well, let me just start off by saying that Jeff is a hell of a cool guy. First off, I was being a scatter brain, and messed up the date and time we were suppose to shoot. Which, I thought, created chaos. However, mister Farsai somehow managed to get everything together and running in less than 24 hours! He got a whole team going. And the photos came out amazing! I loved all of them! AND I got images back extremely quick.

So anyways, the body artist for the shoot is Adam Sweet of Human Being Inspired. I absolutely loved the designs he did on both sides of my face. I remember the makeup artist walked me over to the mirror and I was SHOCKED at my reflection. Her makeup skills and his design was phenomenal.

So, the whole connection with Si Scott and this shoot is the design. I don't know if Adam's work is somehow inspired by Si Scott or not. But a lot of Adam's work involves different line styles merged together, and it's super cool. So being that I love Si Scott, I guess that's why I love the look of this.

oh, and we found out a few months later that the Pussycat Dolls did a similar body art design for their "Bottle Pop" music video. Haha. Not as rad as this though!

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