Sunday, August 1, 2010


So yesterday, (July 31st), I did a photoshoot with Kevin Connery and Al Ray at Al's place in Diamond Bar. Oh my goodness, the houses in that area are just so beautiful.

So the idea behind this was: Kevin had built a box and was doing a series of it. So, we decided to put me in the box too. It was a bit harder for me to occupy the entire space inside the box, being that I'm so petite - but I think I made it work!

I had brought a whole lot of outfits and we did a lot of looks and had a lot of fun. The shoot ran a little later than expected because the model before me took two hours longer than expected. It was fun though, but boy, I was starving by the time I got outta there!

I did a tutu look, two silver looks, a pink look, and a "girl scout" look. The whole idea for me was to have some fun, bright colors since my bubbly-ness allows me to go a bit kooky.

So without giving away TOO much, here's a sneek preview of one of the outfits:
This was taken by Al Ray.
Makeup by Sarah Bachman
And yes, I'm actually smiling. Hahah.

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