Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Full Plate :)

So school is over for the time being. I have one more semester, but I have about a month off to relax, recharge, and get on top of things I've been wanting to do.

Things I need to do:

  • learn more photography
  • do Client Previews for Phillip Ritchie
  • do SAG photography's website
  • do Joylyn's website
  • create some silver solder rings to sell 
  • create some metal silhouette figures to sell on etsy.com
  • finish some paintings to sell
  • finish Danny's mom, Danny's grandma's christmas present.
  • finish 2 presents for my two best friends.
  • figure out what to get Danny for Christmas
  • make Christmas Cards to send out (which will probably never get done).
  • Update my modeling website.
  • Get my Graphic Design website updated (and hopefully get a new URL and somehow pay for it).
  • find a part-time job
  • Clean out my closet to make some Holiday donations.
Lots of things to do!
However, these are all things I look forward to doing. So hopefully I can just lose myself and let time pass without me knowing it :)

Oh! And here is one of the photo I took of Danny (read my previous post). It was the last photo taken that day. I had to keep the nice ass in the photo. Tee hee hee. 

1 comment:

  1. Oh fine! Just what I need, another photographer to make me look bad. ;)

    Awesome lighting Kelly!