Sunday, September 12, 2010

Munch's Madonna

I absolutely love it when I can tie what I learn in class with modeling :)

I recently learned about Edvard Munch (pronounced "monk") in my Modern Art history class. Most of you would know of Munch not by his name, but by the art work here on the left, called the "Scream."

In Munch's later career, he's become very obsessive-compulsive. So he would re-paint different versions of the same painting over and over again. So, there are many of these paintings and lithographs all over the world.

The reason I brought Munch up, is because of this painting, which he named "Madonna."

I am inspired to do a Photographic version of this one day. Well, a non-nude version of this.

There is a saying in Munch's time that the Femme Fatal is always linked to Death - and I think this is what Munch was trying to represent here.

Looking at the painting, you can see that the figure is nude, eyes half closed, and her facial expression kind of says "bliss" or "pleasure."

Around her are rapid, wavy lines. I think it represents movement of her body.

The Femme Fatal is also considered a sex symbol - even today. All the bad-ass chicks you see in movies are usually death-dealers (Angelina Jolie or Jessica Alba for example). So, Munch created a red border with sperm loving around. Presenting a woman's ovaries.

However, there is a skeleton of a fetus in the bottom left hand corner. Is it a dead fetus? Or a live fetus? It shows that the Femme Fatal can be a death dealer, but also be a bringer of life - whatever she chooses to be.

I think this would be an awesome photoshoot to do someday. Not exactly sure how I would be able to pull it off without being nude. It would require a lot of shadows. Munch's Madonna also has really pale skin, which made a wonderful contrast to the dark background, but I am a pretty dark brown myself.

Anyways, although I'd love to use this concept myself, I would love to see everyone else's photographic version of it if you ever attempt it.

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