Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Desert with Gilbert and Maly

So about  two weeks ago, I did a shoot with a dear friend of mine, Gilbert Castillo. He is the first professional photographer I ever shot with when I first joined Model Mayhem.

This shoot was planned by Maly Siharath. Maly is extremely talented. She's involved with so many projects and all different industries.

Anyways, the purpose of this shoot was to show off Maly's wonderful Wardrobe Styling skills.

Maly and Gilbert thought it was a good idea to go out to the desert and shoot there, so we did.

I seem to shoot in the desert a lot. Most of my best work seem to occur here.

Well, the shoot started off with some fun. The wind in the desert was so high, that my hair and Maly's hair was blowing everywhere! It really sucked because we just got it styled by Esmee. By the time the shoot was over, our hair was no more.

Maly was full of fun that day. With her margarita drink, her pink see-through dress (which she didn't know about), a dress she ripped (it was so difficult to put on!) and half her toe-nail falling out. It was a blast!

I got a little sick on the way back. Most likely from the heat. Then we had yummy In N Out Burgers and I felt a little better :)

There was one more look we wanted to do in Fullerton, but our hair was so messed up that we had to plan for another time.


  1. The blue garment is gorgeous, and of course you wore it well Kelly.

  2. another adventure Kelly ,awesome location and styling

  3. Where was this location?