Thursday, April 14, 2011


As I'm sitting here in class, doing absolutely nothing for a 10 minute break, I just thought I'd drop a "hello" to the 10 people that actually reads my blog (haha, maybe 10 is an exaggeration).

As some of you have notice, I have not been blogging lately. I haven't been to any photography meet and greets, and I haven't had any new photos.

Well, here's why:
School is kicking my butt.

One day I'll be stitching like the wind. Then three days later I'll be cramming for an exam... then three days after I'll be writing a term paper. So, I have a lot on my plate. It is also a lot of pressure because this is my last semester and I will graduate. if I fail one class, I will have to enroll for the next semester - however, it will cost me about $2,000 at this point. So you can see the dilemma here.

On top of that, my appearance is suffering from all the stress.
My skin has broken out with many zits.
I am in desperate need of a hair cut.
I need to dye my hair because my roots are at least 3 inches thick.
My hands are blue and green from acid dyes in my textile dying class.
My eyebrows are like cavemen's brows because I haven't had the time to trim or get them waxed.

So - obviously, I'm not picture ready. Hahaha.

However, Phillip Ritchie has some concepts for me. And Orlando Perez and I will shoot "someday" and I might have to bug/bribe Michael Magers for some graduation photos. So when I come back, it'll be worth the wait. I promise. :)


  1. "I jumped from blog to blog to your world and here I am":) You are so brilliant and talented that I walk to talk to you about:) how are you?

    You know, today I identify with this post because I can not wait to get my title and take a vacation on neutral ground, recharging batteries and work as the gods then, and I understand a charm because I'm going through the same, (of course, a different reality across the world, but to study art and design anywhere in the world will absorb. the only flag of freedom you give the trip and the glories that come daily. Cheer up, baby!.'re great .
    What I saw your portfolio is excellent, so applause!

    when you return?

  2. hmmm I hope you will come back once again with wonderful work. Best of luck.

    Usman Tahir
    Owner of Peer Art